What does 2016 hold?

Life, for me, has been a consistent process of reassessing what I'm doing and where I'm going, and then making course corrections. I pride myself on the fact that even after great defeat, I usually skulk about for a few days, think about what went wrong, and then without even realizing, I get back to work with renewed energy and focus.

2016 will not be a "course correction" so much as a "doubling down" on the things that have been working. More corporate work. More online sales. More social media presence. More distribution.

Generally, just more of everything.

Pirate Pictures, our production company, has been in existence for 13 years now, but it's really only been in the last 5 years that it has begun to generate more product and gain a higher profile. Now the goal is to make it profitable, pay dividends, and allow for retirement. Hah!

Part of this "doubling down" relates to our "catalogue", which I'm happy to say is growing. We now have the rights to 5 or 6 films on DVD and are selling several more concert/performance DVDs, and the slow trickle of sales is beginning to turn into a reasonable revenue stream. Promoting those films and adding to the catalogue is just one of the ways we want to build up the company this year.

Throughout the year I will occasionally drop in and talk more about the business of being creative for a living, and what we're doing to make that happen.